Cambodia Rice Export 2011- Cambodia can export high quality, and huge quantity rice to other countries

Cambodia can export high quality, and hug quantity rice to supply to other countries

With the recent effort from the Cambodia Royal Government, the high quality of the Cambodia rice herself and setting up of the international standard of rice millers. These factors lead Cambodia to get more and more attraction from rice importers from French, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, China, America, and Africa. Significantly, the importers and wholesalers have repeated in larger quantity their purchase order after the first shipment done. This is because the importers have been accepted not only the high quality of Cambodia Rice, but also the huge quantity that is available to buy from Cambodia.

The history shows that Cambodia is in the good position to supply from the premium fragrant rice to the normal white rice to the world. As the matter of fact, Cambodia has been exporting paddy rice and rice to Thailand, and Vietnam over two decades.  And the exported paddy rice/ and rice are good in term of their quality, and are re-exporting to many developed countries. From the study research, And the export has been done through the Northwest Cambodia (Those provinces are: Pursat, Battambang, Bontheaymeanchey), and Southeast Cambodia (Takeo, Prey Veng, Svay Reng, Kandal, Kompong Cham)  and much more.

In the first quarter of 2011, the leading exporting types of rice are: Cambodia Jasmine Rice, Cambodia Romdul Rice, Ginger Rice, and Cambodia White Rice.

Here below is the chart of Cambodia Paddy Rice production on 2010-2011

The balance of the paddy rice production and the consumption in Cambodia

Description Unit Raining Season Dry Season Production
Growing planning Area Hecta 2,279,180 339,260 2,618,440
Planting Area Hecta 2,391,016 404,876 2,795,892
Un-usable Area Hecta 20,489 72 20,661
Recovery Area Hecta 2,091 0 2,091
Harvesting Area Hecta 2,372,519 404,804 2,777,323
Average of Harvest MT/Hecta 2.760 4.201 2.970
Total production MT 6,548,709 1,700,743 8,249,452


13 percent is reserved as the seed for the growing in next season               : 1,072,429MT

Paddy Rice remains for consumption                                                                  : 7,177,023MT

Total Rice after milled                                                                                            : 4,593,295MT

Local consumption                                                                                                  : 2,076,542MT

Remaining rice for exporting                                                                                 : 2,516,752MT

From the above chart, we can draw out the conclusion that Cambodia is now ready and in the good position to export over 2 millions of rice to other countries.

Source: Cambodia Organic


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